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Motivational Ballers (video)

It's Friday!  And we all could use some motivation.

Hoopsvibe’s quick call:  There’s so much talent out there that we never see.  So just keep doin' you.

Baller motivation (630x431)

The amount of information available via the internet nowadays is infinite.  With a one second click of a mouse, the internet gives all of us access to things we would never know or see.  See this video below for example.  It’s a motivational training video that I came across on the urban blog World Star Hip Hop that any baller or fan of the game can appreciate.  The ballers in this video are legit!  Not only did it make me think about the amazing exposure we get through the world wide web, but it also made me wonder, who are these guys?  Where did they play ball?  Are they still playing now?  Regardless, they are putting in some serious work.  Work that you or I might not have ever known about without the access we all now have.  Check the video below.

We all will live better lives when we’re happy with ourselves and what we do every day.  It’s not about what everyone else is doing; especially when you consider the fact that there is always someone bigger, faster, stronger, smarter or more athletic out there.  There's only one Lebron.  And someday, there might be another phenom just like him, or better.  What’s important is that you’re happy with how you live every day, no matter what other levels of talent exist out there.

So what work will you put in over the course of the next week?  Will you train as hard?  Do you train as hard?  No matter what your daily routine consists of, it’s always good to get a little motivation and I hope you enjoyed this daily dose.  

How do you motivate yourself?  Leave some comments below!

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