Tuesday , Nov , 30 , 1999 C.Y. Ellis

Ways to Improve Your Shooting

You will find here 6 major tips to improve your shoot.

1. Get open.
Create a lead before you receive the ball. Take advantage of your teammates to find an open shot position. Set up the shot you want. "Hoped Shots" rarely end up in the basket.

2. Shot selection.
Know your ability and your shooting percentage. Concentrate a lot while shooting practice. This is important to have a higher percentage during practice. Some good practice shooters may become only average game shooters, but there are no poor practice shooters who are excellent game shooters.
Know where your teammates are before shooting. Make sure no teammate is open for a better shot. Know when to shoot. Passing up a good shot is just as important as taking a bad shot. Be aware of defensive players’ and offensive rebounders’ positions.

3. Shoot with consistency.
Be on balance. Take off is with opposite foot of shooting hand or with both feet. Hold ball high with wrist back and elbow pointing directly at the basket. Release ball quickly but do not hurry. Ball should have good back spin. Follow through. Keep shooting hand and fingers extended until ball goes through the basket.

4. Concentrate on shot.
Shoot with touch. Focus on the rim. Do not watch the ball – a shooter that take eyes off the target usually blows the shot.
Concentrate on every shot in every practice and every game. Concentrate despite any distractions of noise and movement. You should have only one thought on your mind, and that is making the shot.

5. Shoot with confidence.
To be a good shooter, a player must have the confidence in his shooting ability. "You are only as good as you think". Practice. "Shooters are made – not born." The secret to good shooting is countless hours of hard work and concentration. This why coaches love to see baskets in player’s backyards.

6. Acknowledge the pass.
This will result in receiving more and better passes. Become a proficient passer. Passing will build better shooters because the principle of throwing to a teammate is the same as shooting at the basket.

Shooting drill
This drill is for two players. Player 1 takes seven outside shots in a semi-circle around the basket while and player 2 tries to tip in any missed shot. If Player 1 makes a shot it is worth one point. If Player 2 tips in a missed shot they get two points. After seven shots players switch positions. First player to 21 points wins.

Note: A tip is valid only if Player 2 has both feet off the ground.
This shooting drill is great for practicing your shooting concentration and accuracy since every time you miss a shot it provides your opponent with an opportunity for two points. It is also great to improve rebounding skills and establish the proper position for a putback shot or tip.

Article courtesy of Hooptactics.com.