Thursday , May , 15 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis


Layups are the shots that everyone is expected to make most of the time. The problems often occur when people are doing weak hand layups or reverse layups. Layups are the shot of choice for fast breaks and strong finishes near to the basket.A layup is simply a short range shot that usually hits gently off the backboard. Most of the time layups are preformed while running towards the basket.

To shoot a proper layup you must have your hands and in the correct position. If you are shooting on the left side of the basket, you would shoot with your left hand, jumping off your right foot and vice versa. If you are dribbling towards the basket you stop dribbling until you are about 2 feet from the basket. You then pick up the ball, take one or two more steps and gently bounce the ball against the square on the backboard before you take your third step (that would be a violation). It is not the ordinary shooting method because you do not have a helper hand there to guide, it is more of a one handed shot. The way you would do it would be to have your palm underhand and then with the speed and momentum that you have collected from dribbling let it hit off the backboard.