Thursday , May , 15 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Hook shot

You might know what a hook shot already is, if not it is a quick, short range shot under alot of defensive pressure. If you’re up against a tough opponent, and you can’t get a legitimate chance to get a shot off, a hook shot is nice to have in your arsenal. Some great things about the hook shot are that you do not have to be facing the basket to shoot it, and the shooter’s body protects the ball from any block. The bad thing about a hook shot is that it isn’t the most accurate or easiest shot, and you can only shoot it from short range.


To set up for a hook shot you must be perpindicular to the basket with your shooting arm away from the basket. Place the ball into your shooting hand and have your other hand out in front for support and stability. You shoot by quickly lifting your arm up with the ball in it, propelling it towards the backboard. When shooting you may want to bend your elbow a little for better support. It takes a long time to perfect this shot so practice it every day.