Thursday , May , 15 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Free throws

If you shoot foul shots 100% the other team will be afraid to foul which results in less contested shots. The other team will foul you to stop you from getting an easy, uncontested layup, figuring if you miss one of your shots then the foul saved them a point.

When you are shooting a foul shot in a game you need to shoot normally even though there is alot of pressure on you for making those shots. Bend your knees, shake your wrists, hold the ball, and loosen up. Hold your breath as you shoot to make sure that you are steady. Many players think that they should slow down completely and take it all nice and slow. This is only half true, do not slow down completely, slow down while getting your self into position but when you push your arm forward shoot, it the way you always do. Concentrate on making the basket, and aim for the inside of the back of the rim as your target. Go over everything that you know about shooting in your head as you approach the line.

You should not preform this until you have mastered shooting and foul shooting at a close range. Like the other lesson you should start close to the foul line and then gradually move back as you make them. After a street game or some time where you are tired you should practice your foul shots to simulate a game experience.


To practice when not tired shoot four times from the foul line (one shot at a different part of the line), and if possible sprint down to the other basket and to the same. if you only have one net sprint back a couple yards and then sprint back to the foul line. When you get really tired stand at the foul line and shoot without all the sprinting.