Thursday , May , 15 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis


Ok we are going to explain the right way to dribble a basketball for many reasons. First off many young players dont dribble the ball, they beat it unmercifully.

The right way to dribble a ball is simple, it is all in the wrist. Push it back down with your fingertips not your palm for better ball control.You have to get used to the force that you need to put into pushing the ball down. You want it so that the ball comes up back to your hand at the peak of its bounce. Also so that you are able to push it back down with out hearing the smack. Use all wrist power.

The faster and harder you dribble the harder it is for the defense to steal it. Practice with both hands so that you don’t get the ball stolen off of you. Go on to crossover once you have mastered dribbling basics.