Thursday , May , 15 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Dribbling tips

Learn and follow these following tips to ecome a better ball handler.

1. Always keep your head up while dribbling the want to keep your eyes on your defender, open for a potential pass, or to shoot the ball.

2. When you are closely guarded dribble the ball lower. If you are trying to split a defense dribble very low right throught the middle of them.

3. Dribble the ball with your fingers not your palms. You will find that you have more control of the ball when you use your fingers.

4. Make sure that you use both hands when dribbling the ball. If you only use your strong hand it is easier for the defense to steal the ball.

5. Dribble close to your body with your elbow close as well. This will help you control the ball better and will make it easier to do a spin move.