Thursday , May , 15 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Court position

When on defense the big rule is to never let the player get behind you, if you do there are concequences. If he has the ball the offenseman has an easy layup. If the guy you aren’t covering doesn’t have the ball but is behind you, you can’t see him and he can easily get an open pass. So keep the other team in front of you and you will be a much better defender. So many players want to stay in front of the player without the ball trying to steal the pass, it is easier to steal passes when you know where the player is. Good offensmen will try to throw you off with ball moves and fakes. Dont fall for them. The best way to not get faked out is to follow the body. Why would you follow a ball fake? What can that ball do without the body? Nothing so dont watch the ball! If they pass thats somebody elses problem. Just dont let the body get past you.

The man who is seen my many to be the best defender ever to play in the NBA gave us some tips. Bobby Jones from the 76ers (When Dr. J was on the team) says that he always looked at the players eyes. If the player was looking at him then Bobby knew that the offenseman was going to try to make a move on him. If the offenseman is looking past him at the other players then he was going to pass. If the player was looking up at the net then he was going to shoot.