Thursday , May , 15 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Defense on fast break

Fast Breaks are always to the advantage of the offense, but if you stop one it can be very big for your team.

One On One
If you are running back by your self to defend against one man, you first must run to get in front of him. Now that you are in front of him, wait until you get inside the 3 point line. Now turn around and run backwards, so that he is in front of you and the basket is behind you. Don’t let him shoot, he will probably try to drive in on you and cross you over. He won’t start to post you up because that will slow the whole thing down.
If you can’t get in front of him, foul him because he might miss his free throws.

Two On One
If you have 2 opponents on a fast break and you are the only one back to defend then I advise that you scare him into passing the ball. Do this by lunging at the ball handler as if you were going to steal or block. When he passes, quickly slide over to the person that receives the pass and play him. He might fake a shot and pass it under your arms. If the ball is near your feet, try to kick it. You will be called for a kick ball but you will not be charged with a foul and there will no longer be a fast break.