Friday , May , 02 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Basketball rules – Players, Substitutes & Equipment

Basketball rules  –

FEWER THAN FIVE CAN PLAY.  Five players are required on each team to begin play. Once the action is under way, fewer than five can play if no legal substitutes are available. Every team must have a captain.

THE CAPTAIN. The captain is the team’ s representative on the floor. While any player may request a timeout, only the captain may address an official on matters of interpretation or information.

SUBSTITUTES. A substitute becomes a player only when he or she has reported his or her name and number to the scorer and is beckoned onto the court by an official when the clock is stopped. If the substitute enters to replace a player who is about to attempt a free throw, the substitute must withdraw until beckoned onto the court again. A player who has left the game cannot re-enter until time has ticked off the game clock.

JERSEY GUIDELINES. Each player must wear 4- to 6-inch numbers on the front and back of the jersey. Numbers one and two are illegal, as is any number with a digit greater than five. Legal numbers are either double zero or zero (both cannot be used), three, four, five as single digits, then 10 through 15, 20 through 25, and so on through 55. The reason is that officials have only five fingers on each hand with which to signal to the scorer the number of the player who committed a foul, and one or two fingers indicates the number of free throws. Three-digit numbers are illegal. Undershirts and other undergarments must conform to style rules. Jewelry may not be worn.

Decorations such as mascots, stars and logos are allowed on the game jersey only within the 4-inch side insert. Manufacturers’ or distributors’ labels or trademarks are not permitted on the jersey.

Basketball rules  –