Tuesday , Jul , 26 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

Fool ‘Em

This one has been known to bring the crowd onto the court. Get it right, and you’ll earn some real respect on the blacktop.


  1. Dribble between your right and left hand a few times and try to create a little space between you and your defender.


  1. With your right hand, put the ball on the floor (make sure it’s perfectly still) slightly wide of your left foot. At this point, your body will be turned somewhat.


  1. Pause for a moment to allow the defender to make a move for the ball and, as they reach for it, put the ball between their legs*.  Then, simply run around them to retrieve it, and the trick is complete.


*This can be done either by slapping it so that pops off the ground, then bouncing it between their legs, or simply by pushing the ball so that it rolls through.

Fool 'Em