Tuesday , Nov , 30 , 1999 C.Y. Ellis

Sauce 2K [Video Demonstration]

Sauce 2K
Smooth and stylish, this move is yet another to have been made famous by Hot Sauce. One key detail to note is that, after the first dribble, your left hand will not be used throughout the entire trick.
  1. Dribble through your legs from back to front, from your left hand to your right.
  1. Cuff the ball in your right hand and fake across your body in the motion of an underarm pass.
  1. Do not release the ball, but pull it back across your body to your right side.
  1. Without dribbling, swing it back to your left side.
  1. Move your left leg forward and dribble the ball behind it (and through your legs).
  1. Regain control of the ball with your right hand.