Tuesday , Nov , 30 , 1999 C.Y. Ellis

Slip ‘n’ Slide [Video Demonstration]

Slip 'n' Slide
First given a name in the videogame NBA Street, this trick has the potential to really get the crowd jumping.
The video below shows the trick being performed at a slower speed so as to demonstrate more clearly the movements involved.  It is, in fact, easier to carry out when moving quickly.


  1. Dribble the ball between your legs to your right hand.
  1. Start to spin clockwise and, as you do, lower your backside to the ground, letting yourself down with your left arm.
  1. By the time you are turned completely from your defender, you should have your butt and the lower part of your back touching the floor.
  1. Using your momentum, roll over on the floor (with the ball still in your right) and onto your feet, helping yourself back up with your left arm if required.