Wednesday , Aug , 03 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

Five Star Jumping Program

The difference between this program and others is that this program works on jumps that you use in the game of basketball. It also works on one leg jumps enabling more powerful drives. Lastly, it increases endurance, making 4th quarter jumpshots feel the same as second quarter. This program should take no longer than 15 minutes and should be done 4-5 times per week.




1. Jump as high as you can on EVERY jump.
2. Do not bend deeply at the knees.
3. Jump quickly – Explosive jumps.
4. In between series, rest no longer then 15 seconds.

I One leg jumps


1. Do ten jumps on the right leg, then rest. Switch legs and jump ten times with the left leg.

2. Do thirty jumps each leg + Ten reps, three sets each leg.

II Kangaroo jumps


1. Take one jump with your right leg and jump (with that leg only). Come down on the same leg.

2. While your right leg is on the floor, step with your left leg and jump. Come down on the same leg.

3. Repeat + Ten reps, three sets.

III Jump-shoot jump


1. Moving toward your right, step-over with your left foot. Then bring both feet together and jump.

2. As you hit the floor, change directions. Now moving toward your left, step-over with your right leg, bring both feet together and jump. Zig zag the court. Make sure you square up every time.+Ten reps, three sets


IV This series helps you move to get rebounds


1. Facing the backboard, one foot away, jump with two feet and touch the board with two hands.

2. When you hit the floor, side step with the inside leg to the other side of the rim. Bring both legs together and jump again.
3. Repeat back and forth + ten reps, three sets.

V High low jump


1. Tie one end of a rope to a door three feet high. The other end must be held on the floor.

2. For two minutes jump up and down the rope in a zig zag motion. During the last ten seconds stay at the top of the rope.

3. Your time can be increased with an increase in stamina + One minute, 2 sets.