Wednesday , Aug , 03 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

Anti Gravity Jump Program

Monday and Thursday:
Warm Up- Jog or skip rope
Stretch – full body stretch hold each stretch for 15+seconds
Elevated Toe walk- Do this work about 20 reps on each foot (basically walking on the heel of your foot so when you walk your toes are up in the air)

Weight Training

1) Squats- first 4 weeks do 20 reps, next 4 do 15 reps, final 4 do 10 reps gradually up the weight, you do 4 sets
2) Leg Extensions- always 3 sets of 10 but increase the weight
3) Calf raises- 3 sets of 20 , and increase the weight. All these exercises should be performed under control and at a slow tempo(not explosive lifting)


Tuesday and Friday:

Warm up
Elevated toe walks
Plyos: You know how to do plyos but here are the exercises.

1 legged bounding but go for height – 3 sets of 10 but gradually increase the reps
Backwards jumping- jump over a barrier backwards then turn around and jump over it backwards again – 2 sets of 8 but increase the reps
Hurdle jumps- get a high hurdle and jump over it, then turn around and jump over it again always facing the hurdle, opposite of backwards jumps – 3 sets of 8 and up reps


Adjustable hoop dunking

(This is what really sets the program apart)
Day would be like this.
Warm up
1) flat footed dunks
2) dunks with one approach step
3) running dunks of 1 foot
4) running dunks off of 2 feet
5) get fancy do what you want to do (i.e. reverse, 360’s, etc.)


Adjustable hoop dunking is fun, you won’t even know your working out. When you do this form of training repetition is the key you should be doing so many dunks that you can’t do anymore. To do this form of training find an adjustable basket and put it on a height you can barely dunk on so it forces your body to get you up in the air. Well there it is do this for 12 weeks and see your vertical soar!