Tuesday , Aug , 30 , 2005 C.Y. Ellis

How to Measure Your Vertical Leap


Although various methods are used to gauge different types of leaping ability, the standard measure of a player’s vertical jump can be obtained by following the steps below.

1.  Stand with your side to a wall and have someone mark off the highest point you can reach while flat-footed.

2.  Cover the underside of the tip of your middle finger in ink.

3.  Move one step back from the first mark (that of your reach).

4.  Without taking more than a step into it, jump off of both feet and touch the highest point possible on the wall.

5.  Repeat this five times.

6.  Measure the heights of your standing reach and the highest point you touched on the wall.

7.  Subtract your standing reach from the height of the highest point you touched on the wall.  The number you find is your vertical jump.

For example, if your standing reach is seven feet, and the highest point you touch on the wall is ten feet, your vertical jump will be three feet (thirty-six inches).