Tuesday , Nov , 30 , 1999 C.Y. Ellis

Alimoe Crossover [Video Demonstration]

Alimoe crossover

If there’s any name you can attach to this move, it’s that of AND1’s Alimoe, whose frequent use of the crossover has left ballers from coast to coast looking lost. Although effective in most one-on-one situations, it’s best employed in transition with a defender facing you up.


  • Start the move off with a skip-step, as demonstrated. These traditionally lead into basic crossovers, and your defender will likely guard it as such.
  • Dribble the ball directly through the front of your legs. Dip low and fake hard to the right with your leg as you do so. By staying low and placing the weight on the heel of your front foot, you will be able to change directions quickly.
  • Take the ball in your opposite hand and straighten up. As you do so, feed the ball behind your back to your original hand. Ensure that the ball lands at least a foot to the side so as not to be within reach of your defender.
  • If performed correctly, your defender will be behind you at this point. The pull-back in the video is for demonstration purposes only; generally, it is better to continue towards the hoop following this move.