Tuesday , Nov , 30 , 1999 C.Y. Ellis

Bynum crossover [Video Demonstration]

Bynum crossover

While not much to look at in isolation, this crossover can be beautiful when pulled off cleanly. Former Georgia Tech guard Will Bynum has broken it out frequently over the years, often using it to create space while caught in traffic. Simple to pick up but hard to perfect, it’s a valuable addition to anyone’s repertoire.


  • The move starts when the ball is dribble across the body, inviting the defender to change his stance so that you are on the other side of him.
  • By dribbling the ball behind your back, you force the defender to re-evaluate his stance yet again. We have performed the move more slowly here for the purposes of demonstration, but you should ensure that you dribble fast and low so as not to allow your defender to recover.


  • At this point, you are essentially in position to perform a basic side-to-side crossover. However, you are more likely to lose your defender here since you have already moved the ball across their guard twice.
  • Cross the ball over in front of you. If your defender has shifted their weight forward in an attempt to steal the ball, blow by them. If they have maintained their defensive crouch, either pull up directly or take an escape dribble to the side before shooting.