Tuesday , Nov , 30 , 1999 C.Y. Ellis

Baron Davis Spin [Video Demonstration]

Baron Davis Spin

If you want evidence of the efficacy of the move, you need look no further than Manu Ginobili, who found himself looking at thin air after Baron Davis turned him the wrong way with this one. Solid footwork and body control are required here, as well as good timing to ensure that the ball isn’t exposed to the defender at any point.


  • Take several dribbles in the direction of the basket to ensure that your defender is actively guarding you. On your final dribble prior to the move, slow down and lean back as if you are stopping or retreating from the basket.

  • Dribble the ball behind your back while performing a spin move with your feet close together. In this instance, the ball is moving from the right hand to the left, and therefore the spin is counter-clockwise. If moving in the opposite direction, reverse the direction of the spin or you will expose the ball to your defender with your back turned.

  • Toss the ball out a few feet to the side on this dribble. It may look at this point as if this dribble is too far exaggerated, but the momentum of the spin will take you in that direction.

  • Regain control of the ball with your weight on your heel. The direction in which your arm and leg are pointing will suggest to the defender that you intend to drive.

  • By pulling back, however, you will free up space to shoot or drive to your left.