Tuesday , Nov , 30 , 1999 C.Y. Ellis

Hardaway Crossover [Video Demonstration]

Hardaway crossover

Chris Childs knows how hard this crossover can be to guard having had his ankles broken with it on more than occasion thanks to Tim Hardaway. Despite being the simplest of the set in terms of total movements, the fake has to be sold properly if it’s to be of any use.


  • Straighten up in mid-dribble to encourage your defender to rise out of their defensive crouch. Even if they do not, you are still in position to pull off the move.


  • Quickly dribble the ball under the leg opposite your handle. That is, if the ball is in your left hand, dribble it under your right leg. Ensure that your front leg is straight and pointing in a direction which suggests that you intend to drive.
  • Immediately switch the ball back without allowing it to bounce any higher than your knee. Push off with your back leg and blow by your defender.