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Report: LeBron’s Elbow Is Worse than He Admits

If someone were to rank celebrity body parts by media attention, LeBron’s right elbow would currently fall somewhere between Kim Kardashian’s ass and Megan Fox’s stumpy thumbs. Unlike those other famous anatomical anomalies, however, the state of ‘Bron-‘Bron’s ‘bow is shrouded in secrecy. While the reports and MRI results suggest that it’s more a boo-boo (well, a sprained elbow and bone bruise) than a fully-fledged injury, there are whispers that the situation is a little more serious for the Akron Hammer (it’ll catch on) and his shooting arm.

Here’s the scoop from ESPN affiliate blog Ball in Europe:

A source close to the Cleveland Cavaliers who wished to remain anonymous has admitted that LeBron James should not playing with his injury in its current state. Apparently, the damage is enough that the right arm of King James – perhaps that should be “King Richard III” for the nonce – is having great difficulty in carrying anything heavier than a basketball.


Just remember when the lid’s blown off the X-rays on this one: You heard it here first. LeBron is playing hurt right now. Real hurt.

I love me a conspiracy. LeBron certainly looks as if he’s struggling out there, and after seeing the MVP’s frequent grimaces and increased preference for his left (to the point of even taking a southpaw charity shot) I can’t count this one out.

Could it really be that bad? Could a gimpy elbow make the best player in basketball (sorry, Lakerlovers) look mortal? Does this significantly diminish the Cavs’ chances of taking home all the marbles this season? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. 

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