Monday , Apr , 04 , 2011 Paul Eide

Why Does Everyone Hate Kobe….Still?


Is it due to the fact he’s been playing for 14 years already and people are just sick of him? Or is it just because Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA?

If America is all about second chances, Kobe’s story should be an American classic. Here are five reasons I seem to hear over and over regarding why some people have decided they just don’t like Kobe Bryant;

1) He’s Too Good/ He’s Too Cocky
Nobody roots for Goliath…or the favorite. Even if you hate him, you have to admit he’s the best player in the NBA. Some fans are put off by players that have a little too much self-belief for their liking, but he wouldn’t be as successful if he didn’t have that belief to begin with.
2) He’s challenging MJ’s Legacy/Place in History
Sort of like when Hank Aaron was about to break Babe Ruth’s home run record, the public turned on him. Bryant is approaching a level that most people thought was unattainable or never to be duplicated again. He’s started in 13 straight all-star games and won five titles, nipping at MJ who had 14 straight all-star appearances and won six titles. Physically and style wise, Kobe is about as similar to Jordan as any NBA player has ever been. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, shouldn’t the MJ purists like Kobe?
3) Stigma From Rape Charge
This I guess I can understand, but Kobe was acquitted because it was so obvious his accuser was doing it as a total money grab. Once all the details came out it was portrayed as a consensual encounter which is what Kobe claimed from minute one. The only thing he was guilty of was cheating on his wife which obviously isn’t a good thing. But the way Kobe handled the entire situation, from the press conference where he explained his side of the story to playing as well as he did during the ensuing season, was about as well as anyone could have.
4) Old Fashioned Jealousy
When you’re the best at what you do, certain people aren’t going to like you simply because they know you are superior. And this year, the Kobe haters are pointing to lower production as a sign his game is slipping. But really, he just isn’t on the court as much this season. Kobe is also playing only 33 minutes a game this season, the lowest he’s played in a season since 1998-99.His shot attempts are down about two a game and as a result his ppg has also slipped by two points. Per 36 minutes, his scoring average is actually the highest it’s been since 2007-08.
5) He Plays for the “Yankees” of the NBA
Some fans just can’t stand the traditional powers in the league and don’t want them to do well and since Kobe is the face of the Lakers, he catches all the hate. Like the Yankees in baseball some fans need a place to focus their hate on, Alex Rodriguez I’m looking at you.
So what is it Hoopsvibe fans? Why do you hate Kobe? His face? His success? Or, why do you like him?
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