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Greatest Slam Dunk Champion Ever- Final

The readers have spoken! Of all the comments and emails I received the following four names kept coming up, repeatedly. And can anyone say that any of these dunkers are really a surprise?

Isaiah Rider- 1994 Champion

Of all the names of great dunkers past that assailed me, Isaiah “JR” Rider was the one that surprised me the most. Sure, I loved “Easy Rider” and his thunderous dunks as much as I loved his scowl and bad attitude on and off the court. But I didn’t think very many people were that into him. Considering he invented and executed the “East Bay Funk Dunk” which is now a standard of all dunk contests, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Love it or hate it, Rider was a gangster and didn’t let NBA stardom change the way he lived his life. Which is what makes his rap on “B Ball’s Best Kept Secret” even better.

Vince Carter- 2000 Champion

For as great as his dunks in the contest were, some of his dunks in games were even more impressive. In his prime, it seemed like every night he was doing something no one had ever seen, and it continued when he competed in and won the 2000 Dunk Contest. Just like with Rider, his attitude and nastiness made his dunks even better, and attracted even more fans. Check out some of these dunks, just amazing.

Michael Jordan- 1987, 1988 Champion

Without a doubt I think MJ was the smoothest dunker ever. The way he elevated off the floor to the hoop was so graceful you barely even knew it was happening, it was hypnotic. More so than that on a lot of his more memorable dunks, he doesn’t force the ball through the hoop; he sort of charms it in with his athleticism and smoothness. It’s almost like the dunk itself was just the end result of how smooth everything else was. Another thing I’ve noticed after watching tons of dunking footage is that Jordan dunking with two hands was a rarity. And let’s face it, a two handed dunk just isn’t graceful. I know this is borderline sacrilege but in a way, Vince Carter took what Jordan had done for so many years, added more force and a few more inches on his vertical and perfected it. For his time and place, MJ’s dunks were other worldly but when you put his catalog up against Carter’s, VC is really hard to beat.

Dominique Wilkins- 1985, 1990 Champion

If Jordan is the best one handed dunker of all time, then the “Human Highlight Film” is easily the best two handed dunker ever, though his right handed windmill was equally awesome. If a regular human tried to do any of Nique’s two handed dunks, they would invariably throw their back out and lay there in a heap, while they called their insurance provider on their cell phone for an “in-network” chiropractor.

This is it y’all! Who is the best Dunk Contest champion of all time??

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