Tuesday , Oct , 04 , 2011 Paul Eide

The Philadelphia Eagles Are NOT The Miami Heat

It isn’t even the same thing. It’s like comparing Khloe K to Kim K. It’s like comparing Kris Humphries to Ray J. It’s like comparing Bruce Jenner’s new face to his old face. It’s like comparing Scott Disick to Tyrone Biggums. It’s like comparing Lamar Odom to Scottie Pippen. Ahhhh, there it is- full circle back to the NBA.

But seriously, comparing the Heat to the Eagles is the dumbest thing that anyone has ever done. Unless you are the lady pictured above. They aren’t even close to the same thing, and yet I hear it every week, especially after the Eagles 1-3 start. The Heat, by signing LeBron James and Chris Bosh, signed the two best free agents and potentially best players in the entire NBA. When you throw in the re-signing of D Wade it becomes even more dominant and less similar to what the Eagles did.

Who did the Eagles really even sign? The cream of their free agent crop was Nnamdi Asomugha who was the consensus best free agent cornerback available. While that was a quality pickup, the debate on whether he was even the best corner in the NFL still rages.  For the purpose of this article let’s give him credit for equating to “LeBron”.   But other than his signing, who else did the Eagles even sign that was in the class of a D Wade or Chris Bosh?

  • Ronnie Brown certainly wasn’t. In a career riddled by injury Brown has never lived up to the hype of being the second overall pick in the 2004 Draft and he is merely a back-up.
  • Jason Babin doesn’t measure up. He picked the perfect time for a career year as he was about to become a free agent in 2011. The 12.5 sacks he had in 2010 was near the total of 19.5 he had over the previous six years.
  • Vince Young is another draft bust who isn’t anything special. When Mike Vick was taken out of the Falcons game two weeks ago, Mike Kafka got put in the game, while Young sat on the bench holding down the third QB spot. It’s his fault the phrase “Dream Team” ever came into play in the first place. From there the media jumped all over comparisons to the Heat.
  • Dominique Rodgers- Cromartie is the closest thing to even a Bosh-type in the bunch, as a former Pro Bowler, yet Arizona fans were glad to see him go.
  • Steve Smith (not even the Carolina one) is completely done and has only four catches to his credit.

The Heat have two of the best three non-centers in the entire NBA, while the Eagles have maybe one player who is the best at his position in Vick.

So can we please just stop the nonsense? As long as 22 guys comprise a starting unit for a football team, there is no comparison to basketball in general. Especially not in regards to what Miami did in last year’s free agent period.

Or, to Bruce Jenner’s new face.