Thursday , Nov , 10 , 2011 C.Y. Ellis

Are we there yet?

Dave Checketts, who in his past has served as president of both the Jazz and Knicks, has given the clearest indication yet that the owners and players are nearing a deal. Checketts, a close associate of David Stern’s, is considered a reliable authority on such issues, and suggested as much when speaking to Salt Lake City’s ESPN 700:

"I’ve received a couple of phone calls from friends who are very close to the process that say ‘we have a deal and it’s a matter of having everything straightened out.’"

Excited yet? I can’t say I’m taking this as definitive proof that we’ll have a season, but I’m more hopeful than I have been for some time. Things got so bad last week that I considered trying to watch football, and that should never be your best option.

Mr. Checketts, for the record, is the salmon-shirted, cowboy-hatted gentleman waving from the car.