Monday , Dec , 12 , 2011 Paul Eide

NBA Free Agency- It’s “Fan” tastic!!


After nearly 150 days of wondering if we’d even have an NBA season, what better way to say “thank you” to the fans than a free agency period on speed?? Since free agency began, it’s been nonstop action, or at the least, potential action.

Even though most media outlets have focused primarily on where Chris Paul will end up, there have been plenty of interesting moves that will shape the upcoming 2011-12 NBA season.

Jason Richardson
The four year, $25 million dollar seemed weird when it first came to light as a potential reality. But when it was proven as reality, it still made no sense. I get what “J-Rich” has done throughout his career but is it really time to pay him for the past “now”? It reminds me of Vince Carter’s stint as a member of the Magic- i.e. ill-fated.
Jeff Green
If the Celtics let Jeff Green go without signing him, it only makes the Kendrick Perkins trade look even more ill-conceived. For an aging squad in need of scoring punch, keeping a player like Green only made sense, especially at a reduced rate.
Tyson Chandler
Is the combination of Chandler, Stoudamire and Mello the best frontcourt in the NBA? Some people think so. Even though they had to dump Chauncey Billups to get him, by trading Andy Rautins and Ronny Turiaf to get Chandler in the three team deal actually saved the Knicks money. Signing Chandler and waiving Billups forced the Knicks to overhaul the majority of their roster. Signing veteran Mike Bibby to a minimum deal was a nice move considering what was available on their roster and eases the loss of Billups, but would signing JJ Barea (as some rumors have mentioned) really be a wise move?
David West
Is it just me or every time I hear the phrase “Indy” I think of that small Asian kid that was in several 80’s movies, none of which the least was the Indiana Jones movie- Temple of Doom?? Where a young Asian probed “Indy” to use his best judgment. What’s interesting about this move is that it was so natural- yet,  the Pacers needed this move. And David West needed it too. I would have to say “Indy” used the best judgment available and came away with the cream of the free agent crop, which is essentially contrary to Indy’s low pro free agent acquisition demeanor.
Shane Battier
Battier signing with the Heat was not unexpected in the truest sense, he could sign with anyone, but it just so happened to be a great addition, on a team fraught with several egos. Battier’s signing is not only worth mentioning because it gives a Heat team full of offensive weapons one of the league’s premier defenders, but because it keeps him away from other teams they may face during the inevitable upcoming NBA playoff run.
It’s still early in the free agent signing period, but until Dwight Howard gets shipped or Chris Paul gets dealt, what move is more significant?

Image Credit: Keith Allison