Wednesday , Feb , 01 , 2012 Paul Eide

Blake Griffin’s “Dunk” Wasn’t A Dunk

“Posterized”. “Dunked on”. “Facialized.” These adjectives and countless others have been used to describe Blake Griffin’s “dunk” on Kendrick Perkins earlier this week. But are any of them accurate? Is that even really a dunk?

Since when does a dunk count as a “dunk” if your fingers barely graze the rim? Getting high enough you can throw the ball down through the hoop isn’t a dunk. He didn’t dunk on Perkins; he dunked around him. Is it incredibly athletic? Yes. Does it look cool? Yes. Best of all-time? Absolutely not. It’s not even the best dunk Blake Griffin has done this year. Isn’t it basically the same “dunk” Griffin did against the Knicks in LA last year?

So why is everyone in such a hurry to overinflate the relevance of the “dunk”? We’re not even halfway through the season- there will be a better dunk, several of them. How is this “dunk” better than LeBron jumping over John Lucas III? I’m not a LeBron fan, but I know a superior dunk when I see one. 


Since it became obvious that the youth have no idea what it means to “dunk on someone”, I thought I’d put together a list, with examples for the youth of America. Which got me thinking; what are the best? Specifically, how many dunks can you think of, off the top of your head that were more impressive? Here is a list of 8 examples of one player dunking on another, in no particular order.


Tom Chambers On Mark Jackson

As far as hitting a defender in flight and then gaining additional height an air time (as Griffin did against Perkins) this has to be the all-time greatest dunk in that category.


Vince Carter Alley-Opp vs. Clippers

Griffin reminds me a lot of a young VC because of his springs and the fact that both guys are big tall guys, and it comes across in their dunking. Also, they excel at dunking off lobs and alley-oops. This is the best alley-opp dunk I have ever seen, courtesy of VC:

Here is a compilation of VC dunks, all are great, but check when he dunks on Mutombo.


Scottie Pippen On Patrick Ewing

In the playoffs during an incredibly physical series that wouldn’t even be allowed to happen in today’s NBA, this dunk changed the series.


Kevin Johnson On Hakeem Olajuwon

KJ was a stud and was truly one of the best guards of his era, though now he is mostly known as a politician. This is how you dunk on someone. 6-1 pg versus one of the best 7 foot defensive centers in history.


Taj Gibson On D Wade

A savage, no look two handed slam over D Wade.


Joakim Noah On Paul Pierce

In maybe the most entertaining playoff series of the last 15 years, Noah extends the Bulls season by another game.


John Starks On Horace Grant, Michael Jordan

An epic dunk in every conceivable category.


Kobe On Dwight Howard

This is how you “posterize” someone, kids.


The most exhilarating play in basketball is one player dunking on another. But let’s not marginalize the experience because something looks cool.


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