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2012 NBA All Star Weekend Highlights

2012 NBA All Star Weekend Highlights

This past NBA All Star weekend included a fairly mediocre dunk contest, another condescendingly-toned press conference by David Stern and an extremely entertaining All Star game to round it out.

The Dunk Contest:

Jeremy Evans from the Jazz took the title back to Utah with his alley-oop two balls at one time jam that had everyone going crazy.  I thought the dunk was pretty impressive from a hand-eye coordination perspective but it wasn’t that exciting to watch.

Other Dunk Contest highlights to youtube:
Derrick Williams’ 360 alley oop from Ricky Rubio on the baseline was the best dunk in my opinion.  It’s worth checking out.  I also liked watching Chase Budinger sky over P-diddy to prove once and for all that some white men can dunk.

David Stern’s Press Conference:
Every time I hear David Stern and his squirrelly-looking lawyer speak in a press conference, I wonder why the league hasn’t sent him packing yet.  For those of you that have 10 minutes and don’t mind the frustration, just check out the press conference they did this past weekend.  I will reserve my commentary and let you be the judge yourself.  Pay close attention to his response when he’s asked about what hindsight he’s been able to have after veto-ing the Chris Paul trade, which essentially set the Hornets back even more than they were before.  His answer is borderline offensive and comedic.

The All Star Game
Even though there was little to no defense played until the last two minutes, it made for a pretty exciting game.  But that’s to be expected right?  The West held off a crazy end-of-the-game rally by Lebron and the East to win the game 152-149.  (Clearly little defense was played if there was 301 total points).  A few highlights from the game:
-Kevin Durant was named MVP with 36 points and 7 rebounds
-Kobe Bryant broke Michael Jordan’s All Star Game points scoring record to become the greatest scorer in NBA All Star Game history
-Dwayne Wade fouled Kobe pretty hard.  And by pretty hard I mean he allegedly broke his nose and gave him a concussion
-Lebron James was 6-8 from three point land
-Blake Griffin pretty much dunked every time he scored, except when he hit a three pointer from the baseline

What highlights did I miss?  Let us know!