Saturday , Mar , 17 , 2012 Matt Formica

What’d Those Ballers Tweet?

As many of my friends know and probably despise about me, I’m a big fan of using the twitter machine.  So today, I thought I’d switch it up a little and take a look at a few NBA players in a piece I like to call:  What’d Those Ballers Tweet?

If you’re like me (and probably Pau Gasol), you couldn’t be happier that the trade deadline is behind us and we can focus on what should be an exciting second half of this shortened NBA season.  Let’s see what some of the guys in the league have had to say about all the madness that is March via tweet today:

Brandon Rush: "Missouri gone already"

Daniel Gibson:  "I’m too Wise to be surprised"

Mark Cuban, who always has something to say:  "its not how u start..its how u finish #sharktank"

Marcus Camby:  "A huge Camby back hand high five to the city of Portland!"  (Camby was just traded to the Rockets for Hasheem Thabeet, Jonny Flynn and a 2012 2nd round pick).

James Harden:  "Gametime vs Spurs in OKC…#ThunderUp"  (Apparently Harden has his mind in the right place).

Chandler Parsons:  "Congrats to Norfolk State, but it ends Sunday.  #Gators"  (A little confident trash talk never hurt).

And my favorite tweet by an NBA baller today so far goes to …. Hakim Warrick!

Hakim Warrick:  "my bracket is royally #%$*!!!!!!!"  (Me too Hakim!)

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