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Lakers vs Jazz Recap: Jazz Win, Kobe is Brick City, Sessions and Bynum Shine

Sunday night, I was fortunate enough to be in attendance at Staples Center to watch the Lakers host the Utah Jazz.  Utah won the game 103-99 and snapped LA’s 10-game win streak at home.  Not to take anything away from the Jazz, but anyone who saw Sunday nights game knows that the Lakers beat themselves.

It was Kobe Bryant’s worst shooting night in his career, when taking 20 or more shots.  Yes, you heard that right.  THE WORST SHOOTING NIGHT OF HIS CAREER WHEN TAKING 20 OR MORE SHOTS.  In December 2004, Kobe went 2 for 16 or 12.5% in a loss against the Grizzlies.  On Sunday, his 3 for 20 was 15% shooting.  Of course it’s just my luck that the first time I make it to a Lakers game this season, Kobe has one of his worst shooting nights ever.  It was actually strange to watch.  Kobe couldn’t have bought a shot if he wanted to.  His form looked good all night but the ball just wouldn’t fall through the basket.  The Jazz did do a pretty good job of frustrating him on defense.  By the beginning of the 4th quarter, the Lakers had committed 24 turnovers.

There were two very important highlights for the Lakers, regardless of the fact they lost the game.  One was Andrew Bynum.  Bynum shot 12-14 and finished with a season-high 33 points.  He also added 11 rebounds.  It certainly appears that Bynum is coming into his own in the second half of the season.  When he gets the ball in the low block, forget about it.  The guy scores at will down in the post.  At times, it appeared pointless to even try to defend him; he was that good.

The other shining moment, and a lot will disagree with me, was the play of Ramon Sessions in his first run at Staples Center in a Lakers uniform.  His numbers weren’t crazy impressive; he shot 1 for 7 from the field and finished with 10 points and 6 assists.  So if you just looked at Sessions on the box score, you wouldn’t have any idea of his talent.  But here’s where he shined; he was lightning fast and had ZERO TURNOVERS.  Coach Mike Brown still decided to start Steve Blake, who he’s reportedly said will continue to start over Sessions for the "foreseeable future."  He might want to reconsider because it was obvious that Sessions was the better player.  I like Blake and I’ve seen him shoot the three and handle the ball well, however, he finished with no points, two assists, and two turnovers in 27 minutes of court time.

I think the foreseeable future might not be as foreseeable as Coach Brown thought.

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