Thursday , Mar , 22 , 2012 Matt Formica

Fisher to OKC, Gordon Hits Nine Threes, Spurs Retire Bowen’s Jersey

Wednesday was a wild, wacky day in the sports world. 

While the wildest piece of sports news to come out of this Wednesday was undoubtedly New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Peyton being suspended by Roger Goodell for this entire upcoming NFL season, (the Saints defense was found guilty "bounty hunting" under his watch) the NBA had its fair share of wildness today too; and this isn’t an NFL blog.

Here’s three wild things that made our hearts sing (had to do it) in the NBA on Wednesday:

1.)  Derek Fisher signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder

It was strange enough when the Lakers traded Fisher to the Rockets.  Then it was kind of weird he agreed on a buyout with the Rockets before playing in one of their games.  Then wacky Wednesday reared its weird head and signed with the Thunder. 

In all it’s strangeness, it seems like a decent move.  Fisher brings veteran experience to a young team who’s a serious contender for this year’s NBA title.  He’s comfortable playing in big games and even more comfortable not being the star of the show.  OKC might just be the perfect fit.

2.)  Ben Gordon hits 9 three pointers in a row

At one point tonight in the 4th quarter, Ben Gordon had hit 8-THREE POINTERS IN A ROW.  He hadn’t missed a three point attempt all game and the Pistons were down a point against the Nuggets in Denver.  Then tied at 109, with three minutes left to play, Gordon hit his 9th consecutive three-pointer, tying the NBA all time record for most threes without a miss in a game.  He tied the record that Latrell Spreewell and BEN GORDON himself, previously set.  Kinda weird.

Gordon finished with 45 points, ended up taking the last shot (not a three) to win the game, but missed and the Pistons lost 115-116.  Bummer.

3.)  The Spurs retired Bruce Bowen’s Jersey

I don’t know a whole lot about Bruce Bowen, but I read that he was one of the most aggressive hustlers to play the game.  An undrafted small forward out of Cal-State Fullerton, Bowen went on to become an eight time NBA All-Defensive team player and three-time NBA champion with the Spurs in 2003, 2005 and 2007.  On wild wednesday, wild Bowen became the seventh player in franchise history to have his #12 jersey retired.

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