Wednesday , Apr , 11 , 2012 Matt Formica

Even the Best Teams Have Reasons to Worry

With roughly two weeks left in the regular season, I still find myself questioning whether or not the league’s best teams will remain that way through the playoffs.  There’s no question who the best teams have been all year.  But can these teams keep up the momentum all the way to the championship?  Here’s a list of three of the league’s best teams that could have reason to be concerned.

The Chicago Bulls

The Bulls have been one of the best teams all year and have a great coach in Tom Thibodeau.  But the fact of the matter is, their best player and MVP candidate, Derrick Rose, has played in just 35 of the 57 games this season, plagued by various injuries including a sprained toe, sore back, and strained groin.  On Sunday, Rose got injured again; this time, hurting his ankle against the Knicks.  If Rose can’t get fully healthy before playoff time, the Bulls will have reason to worry.


The Los Angeles Lakers

Even though the Lakers will most likely end up winning their division, by no means are they guaranteed to go anywhere in the playoffs.  Reports have been made in recent weeks complaining about Andrew Bynum’s poor attitude in the locker room.  The team has some of the worst bench play in the league and their defense has been struggling as of late.  They really don’t have an offense other than watching Kobe shoot, which isn’t the worst strategy considering he’s one of the greatest players ever.  But being that Kobe has missed the past two games with a shin injury, it’s now a huge reason for concern.

The Oklahoma City Thunder

In my opinion, as well as many others, OKC will be the Western Conference representative in the NBA Finals this year.  They’ve had a fantastic season and Kevin Durant is incredible.  But there are a few flaws in their play.  Russell Westbrook is without question one of the best point guards in the league, but he’s shown signs of getting out of control, resulting in turnovers and rushed shots.  Also, they don’t have too much offense coming from their big men down low and Perkins will need to step it up in the playoffs and give them greater production on the offensive side.

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