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Metta World Peace 7 Game Suspension: Justified?

We all knew he was going to be suspended; but now we know for how long.

The NBA responded Tuesday night and suspended Metta World Peace seven games for elbowing James Harden in the head in Sunday’s 2OT win over the Thunder.  As we reported earlier, Harden left the game and was later diagnosed with a concussion.  World Peace said the elbow was “unintentional.”

MWP will miss the season finale at Sacramento on Thursday and the next six games the Lakers play in after that. 

If World Peace wants to help his squad in the playoffs this year, the Lakers are going to have to get to the 2nd round – unless the first series goes to a game 7.  Regardless, there are no guarantees we see World Peace in the playoffs this season.

The main question everyone is asking is whether or not the punishment is too severe, just right, or not severe enough.

And while I respect all opinions, I think the suspension is reasonable.  Seven games is a lot, especially right before the playoffs; the most important time of the year.  Metta has been playing great basketball too; his presence will be missed.  Not to mention,  his backups at the small forward position, Matt Barnes and Devin Ebanks, were also injured this week.  Barnes sprained his ankle on Sunday and Ebanks dropped a weight on his finger on Tuesday.  They should be cleared to play in the playoffs but still; as it stands today, the Lakers are weak at the small forward position.

But moreover, that was a pretty serious bow he threw at Harden.  It just looked downright violent, and blows like that to the head need to be taken seriously.  (Thankfully, it appears Harden will be ok.)  But especially in light of all the recent research that’s been done on head trauma and given the former Ron Artest’s history, the league needed to make the punishment somewhat significant. 

I’m hoping we see MWP in the playoffs this year.  As I’ve said before, I’m a Ron Ron/Metta fan.  But I think the league’s suspension was justified.

I think Charles Barkley put it best on Inside the NBA when he said, “I like Ron Artest, but that was just stupid.” 

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