Saturday , May , 12 , 2012 Matt Formica

Tim Tebow Cutout Goes to Prom

This guy Tim Tebow has babes going crazy all over the country.

Most recently, a young woman named Rachel Bird took a life-sized cardboard cutout of Tebow to her senior prom in Kingsley, Iowa.  You know women are a fan of you when they are taking inanimate cutouts of you on dates.

Apparently, Bird, a basketball player and cheerleader destined for Northwestern College in Orange City in the fall, reached out to Tebow prior to her prom via twitter.  The real Tebow, not the cutout, mind you.  (I don’t think his cutout has a twitter account yet but you never know).

When the real Tebow failed to respond to her twitter proposal, Bird had to get creative.  Bird was quoted saying a lot of her friends were guys who were involved with girls already and she didn’t want to settle for going with just anyone.  When prom arrived last Saturday, Bird was scrambling and needed a date.  So she made her way over to an office supply store in Sioux City, who happened to be having a sale on poster printing.  $20 and some pride later, Bird had herself a life-sized poster of her quarterback crush. 

But her work wasn’t finished; and with the help of her father, she got a large piece of cardboard, cut the poster accordingly, and glued it to the board.  She even sprayed it with cologne!  Haha.

And while the cardboard cutout was a total hit, there’s no word on whether or not the two will go on a second date.

I think Tebow should have at least responded to her request.  Then again, based on the fact that women are dating his cardboard cutout, I imagine he probably gets more than a few requests per day. 

Must be nice to be Tim Tebow.  I just hope he sends Bird a corsage.

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Image source: AP Images