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Streetball Legend The Professor Sits Down With HoopsVibe To Discuss Everything From Streetball to Movies to God.

Streetball legend The Professor sits down with HoopsVibe to talk the state of streetball, women, God, and his move into movies. 

Grayson Boucher aka  “The Professor,” , is a modern day streetball legend. Born and raised in Keizer, Oregon the Professor was an All-State basketball player at Salem Academy averaging 20 points and 7 assists per game. He made his transition to streetball when he was chosen from the And1 Mixtape Tour’s open run in Portland, Oregon and won a spot on the team by the end of the year. He quickly rose to be one of the featured players with the And1 tour and is now regarded as one of the most popular streetball players ever.

After playing streetball for years he turned his talents to the pros and played for the IBL Salem Stampede in 2005-2006 and the CBA Atlanta Krunk in 2007-2008. He’s toured the world playing streetball and is one of the most popular streetballers of all-time. He currently plays with the Ballup Streetball team. 

HoopsVibe had the opportunity to sit and talk with Fess about his career, streetbal, and his new move into movies.

HV: What is the biggest difference between the AND 1 Mixtape Tour and Ball Up Tour?

FessThe biggest difference is that with Ball Up, the tour is the main entity of the company. Whereas, with And1 the main entity was the clothing. Also, Ballup is more of a Streetball franchise that is based in LA, but tours world wide and makes Streetball a professional sport. With And1 the tour is simply a promotional vehicle for the brand.

HV: How often do you go out and practice or play these days? You staying sharp?

Fess: I try to play pickup 2-3 times a week and workout 4-5 times a week. My favorite place to play out here are at my church called Shepherd of the Hills in Porter Ranch, they have an incredible facility and have the gym open often. I would say the best run out here is probably the Drew League or Summer runs at UCLA. I never make either of those because we always tour during the summer.

HV: Will you be involved in a 2012 Ball Up tour?

Fess: Absolutely. The tour starts off here in LA June 29th at Cal State Dominguez in Carson. We tour until late August hitting 20 cities nation wide and it’ll be airing on Fox Sports starting in July. From there we continue touring throughout the rest of the years partially overseas and partially in the states again. Tickets can be bought here ( Promotion for it will release soon and

HVHow has street ball changed since you got involved?

Fess: I think that streetball has only changed mostly from an exposure standpoint. When I started it was on ESPN weekly and reran almost daily. We haven’t been on TV with And1 since 2008 so I look forward to introducing streetball to the newer generation with Ball Up. Last year Ball Up debuted on Fox Sports and the ratings were #1 on their channel. Being that the first year was a success, we all look forward to continue to build on that foundation. As far as the gameplay goes I would say that the dunks have to be more spectacular and the level of play has to be higher. I believe the new generation has seen a lot of basketball and expect more than before. The older generation didn’t have YouTube to log onto and see the hottest dunks and moves from all over the world. And since Ball Up is preparing to build a franchise they are more picky with who makes the team. So the 10 roster spots have to be by guys that are doing it at the most competitive and most entertaining level that the world has to offer. It forces you to step your game up training and performance wise.

HVDo you keep in touch with any of the AND 1 guys from when you first got going?

FessYeah I stay in touch with a few of the guys. I talk to Headache, Spyda, Helicopter, 50 and Sauce. Guys like AO and Sik Wit It I still play with today on Ball Up.

HV What was it like being in “Semi-Pro” with Will Farrell? Any funny behind the scenes stuff you can share with our readers?

Fess: That was a fun experience. Will was very humble and a true professional. I appreciated that about him. It was pretty cool to find that Will and Woody Harrelson were huge fans of streetball. Before we started filming we had a few training sessions with all the players in the movie and Will came up to me and said, ‘Are you the guy they call Professor.’ lol. He said he watched the show all the time. Same with Woody, we talked a lot of hoops on the set, it was a great time.

HVHow did you get involved in “Ball Don’t Lie” and what’s your role in the movie?

Fess: The Director Brin Hill loves basketball. He knew me from ESPN Streetball and knew some corporate people at And1. So he was reaching out to them in attempt to get me the script. I hadn’t even known about it until he came to one of my LA tour games and he put the script in my hand immediately after a game before I even left the court. At first I thought he was a crazy fan rushing me after the game, turns out he was a great guy offering some opportunity. He is still a friend today.

HV: When will it be coming out?

Fess: No word on a release as of now but it is due to come out at some point.

HV: Is acting something you’re interested in getting more involved in?

Fess: Yes. I have actually been acting for about 5 years now. Ironically, nothing I’ve been in has released except for semi-pro. I found out very early that its very common for a project not to release right away or event at all.

HV: Are you dating anyone these days?

Fess: No I am not.

HV: Do you have a celebrity crush?

Fess: Nope, not really into celebrity women.

HV: Last question, what’s one thing HoopsVibe fans don’t know about you that they’d be surprised to find out?

Fess: Hard to think of something off top lol. I try to be as transparent as I can on social networks and in interviews these days. Maybe that I’m passionate about spreading the Gospel. I’m in the process of putting together some type of international outreach program using basketball that I’d like to start sometime in the next couple of years

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