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Kevin Love Catches Members of Team USA Snoozing, Posts to Instagram

Kevin Love Catches Members of Team USA Snoozing, Posts to Instagram

So maybe this USA Men’s Basketball squad is the "Dream Team" after all … ?

Hoopsvibe’s Quick Call:  Don’t pass out around Kevin Love.

Thanks to Dan Devine at Yahoo! Sports and the great people at Instagram, the world now has a shot of multiple Team USA members sleeping on their flight to London in route to Friday’s 2012 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony.

The picture (found below) was taken by Timberwolves power forward, Kevin Love, who managed to snap a picture of not just one, or two, but SEVEN members of Team USA (including Coach K) fast asleep on the plane.  Among the sleeping giants:  Clippers’ Chris Paul, Miami’s Lebron James, OKC’s Russell Westbrook and James Harden, New Orleans #1 Draft Pick Anthony Davis, Brooklyn Nets’ Deron Wiliams, AND Coach Mike Krzyzewski.  (Probably not the best way to get more playing time but still hilarious, nonetheless).

The picture is absolutely hysterical because every player and Coach K are 100% passed out.

It’s also funny because it looks like it could be an add for New Era Fitted’s, beats by dre, and Ambien. 

As Devine reports, DeAndre Jordan (Paul’s teammate on the Clippers) had started a trend this past season where he would snap a photo of someone passed out and then upload the photo to Instagram with the hashtag "#GotEm."  Apparently, almost everyone on the Clippers was "Gotem’d" at one point or another last season.  So a special thanks to DeAndre for being the pioneer that he is.

But we have to give a ton of credit to Kevin Love, because I think we’d all be hard-pressed to find a better #GotEm than this one.  Check out the picture below.  It’s seriously awesome.

It will be interesting to see if they catch Love snoozing at some point in the near future.  My guess is, while the 6’11’ star is currently the reigning #GotEm Champion, he’s currently wearing a bulls eye. 

And should probably sleep with one eye open from now on.

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Image source:  Yahoo! Sports, photo via kevinlove7 on Instagram