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Wizards Passed On Acquiring James Harden.

The Wizards passed on acquiring James Harden last offseason. Their front office is now under investigation for heavy heavy drug use. 

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Yeah, that seems to be working out well for them (3-15).

When you have the opportunity to acquire one of the best players in the game you have to weigh your options and not simply jump at the first All Star you are offered. One must consider how Harden’s personality will fit into the locker room. Will his new teammates like his beard? That could be a deal breaker right there. Will he add to the chemistry on the court? Is he thinking about going back to the mohawk haircut? That’s crucial. I mean, this is a Wizards team finely tuned and ready to attack. One slight change could alter their entire team unity.

The Washington Wizards had the opportunity to acquire Six Man of The Year, James Harden this offseason in exchange for Bradley Beal and Chris Singleton. Who are they you ask? They are relatively unknown players that have yet to prove themselves in the league. They are prospects for the future. 

The Wizards added up the pros and cons of acquiring Harden and decided they liked their chances just fine thank you. Now that they’re looking at a 3-15 record and are arguably the worst team in the NBA, we can’t help but wonder if they’d like to reconsider. 


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Photo Credit: AP News