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Top Five 6 Foot 1 And Under Dunkers In NBA History (Video)

Great dunks come in all shapes and sizes, but something about a six-footer stuffing on a big man really does it for me.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: I made the list and I still can’t decide who my favorite is.

Rajon Rondo

Is there any other player as sneaky good as Rondo? His freakishly long arms allow him to be good at everything, not the least of which is is ability to cram it down your pie hole. Known “just” as a great assist man, Rondo’s dunk highlight real is pretty insane.

Allen Iverson

Iverson was such an amazing all around scorer, the ability to score via dunk, and his leaping ability, is somewhat overlooked. Especially younger AI, who took the league by storm with dunks like this one:

His ability to dunk with two hands from a complete standstill is ridiculous. When he came into the league, shook Jordan, went off in Madison Square Garden, there was no better player in the league, no jersey that more people wanted to own.

Nate Robinson

Couldn’t omit the three time dunk champion from this list. At 5-9, he has the full repertoire of dunks usually reserved for someone over 6-4.

Kevin Johnson

Has there ever been a better dunk by a little guy on a big man, in NBA History than his dunk over Hakeem Olajuwon? Well, maybe the second video posted below over Mark Eaton, fresh off of his appearance as Jeremy Evans’ prop in the dunk contest a few weeks ago.

Spud Webb

Spud is known for winning the 1986 dunk contest in Dallas when no one expected it. But what is really amazing, is how this 5-7 guard used the dunk as a weapon during NBA games. He could do some amazing trick dunks in contests, but he was a threat to dunk anytime he had the ball and used that skill, and his quickness, to open up his jump shot, which was better than he gets credit for.

Honorable Mention

Robert Pack

Pack was a guy who had too much energy for his body. The minute he got the ball and attacked the basket, he went into “Turbo” mode like in NBA Jam. Maybe the most explosive “short” dunker ever? He dunked over big men constantly, like a hapless Shelton Jones at the 0:41 mark.We can only hope that heaven consists of an endless loop of Robert Pack dunks. It would all be worth it.

Isiah Thomas

You probably forgot about “Zeke” and his crazy hops, and even what a great pro he was in light of the myriad bad decisions he’s made as a coach, front office man, CBA owner and as a human being around chicks in the office. But Thomas could leap for a smaller guard. Check out the two-handed stuff on a break against the Knicks at the end of this highlight reel:

Chris Paul

LOB City QB can throw it down just when you decide to sleep on him.

Who did I miss? Who do YOU think is the best?

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