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Top 10 Ugliest NBA Players Ever

The Top 10 ugliest NBA Players to ever step on the hardwood.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Sometimes even your mom has to admit you aren't the cutest kid in the class.

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Let's be real, everyone's not a Rick Fox looking guy out on the blacktop. We at HoopsVibe put together our list of The Top 10 ugliest guys to ever play ball in the NBA. We even did some research to figure out their closest suspected relative. Ugly is a diverse bag of tricks that comes in all shapes and sizes. You simply know it when you see it.

#10 Andrei Kirilenko: If Kirilenko doesn't look like the neighborhood perv, I don't know what does. The hair alone speaks volumes, but when you throw in the stone cold look of Eastern Europe you've got our first member of the Top 10. Closest relative an iceberg.

#9 Donyell Marshall: This UCONN prodigy was expected to blow up in the NBA, but turned out to be a huge bust instead. Closest suspected relative Urkel.

#8 Sam Cassell: Sam is undeniably one half alien. His eyes are so far apart you could actually place a stapler length-wise on his face and still never touch an eye. We love Cassell's game, but on pure looks along he's out of this world ugly. Closest suspected relative Gollum. 

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#7 Paul Mokeski: He looks like every chubby balding guy down at your local bar. Closest relative is Norm from Cheers.

#6 Popeye Jones: These ears, the eyes, the grill, oh my. Popeye Jones' face looks like God was playing a joke on him. 

#5 Shelden Williams: They say beautify is all about proportions. Well, someone got the proportions wrong on Williams' face. We got the eyeballs and a forehead that goes for days. 

#4 Greg Oden: This Portland Trailblazer will go down in NBA history as one of the biggest busts of all time. He was drafted above Kevin Durant and has done nothing but be injured his entire NBA career. 

#3 Tyrone Hill: Hill was a forward for the 76ers that had a successful career at Xavier University and in the NBA where his size and athleticism were his weapons of choice. Unfortunately, Tyrone Hill suffered a difficult childhood where his mother repeatedly kept putting the diaper on head.

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#2 Chris Kaman: Going bald with a goatee is always a good look. I don't care what anyone says. Throw in the teeth and the overall face and you've got our #2 ugliest of the NBA Chris Kaman. Closest suspected relative Sloth from Goonies.

#1 Gheorge Muresan: The Romanian born baller was the 30th overall draft pick in the 1993 draft at 7 ft. 7 inches tall he is a monster in any company. The fact that his grill looks like someone took a baseball bat to it doesn't help. Closest suspected relative Andre the Giant.

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