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Poll: Miami Heat Fans Rank Most Loyal in the NBA. Can this be Right?

A recent poll ranked the loyalty of each NBA team’s fans. Miami Heat came out on top.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: This one’s tough to believe, but polls don’t lie. Do they?

Miami Heat Championship Parade and Rally

Are Miami Heat Fans really the most loyal in the NBA. This is hard for a lot of rabid NBA fans to believe, but the Brand Keys Sports Fan Loyalty Index puts together an annual poll ranking the loyalty of median markets for all 30 NBA teams. The rankings are based off of fan interviews, which could leave a lot to be desired in terms of reliability of data.

Supporters will argue that Miami Heat fans are no more likely to show false support for their team than fans of the other teams, but the integrity of a poll like this must be questioned when it concludes Miami Heat fans are more loyal than Boston Celtic or Los Angeles Laker fans.

The Miami Heat jumped from #6 last season in terms of loyalty to #1 this season. I don’t even understand how loyalty can jump this drastically from year-to-year. I thought the very definition of loyalty was that it sustained when the team wasn’t doing well. What does a loyalty ranking measure when all it indicates is that the teams that are currently doing great all have loyal fans, while the teams struggling don’t?

The San Antonio Spurs were bumped from the #1 spot last season to #2 this season. The loyalty of San Antonio is very believable considering they have no other sports franchises in the city, so sporting fans in San Antonio have only one show in town for all sports and it’s the Spurs. The others in the top 5 included the Celtics, the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Knicks, and the Nets. The Nets? Yes, I said the Nets.

How can a franchise that is 5 seconds old have loyal fans. What are they loyal to? This is one of the oddest sporting polls I’ve ever seen and I would consider it about as reliable as those polls that declared Mitt Romney was going to be our next president. What team do you think has the most loyal fans. Remember, loyalty means the fans stay when the team’s horrible.

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