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Chael Sonnen Wants To Fight LeBron For Telling Fiancee Her Nipples Look Like Tic Tacs.

Chael Sonnen wants to Fight LeBron James for telling his fiancee, Brittany Smith, that her nipples look like Tic Tacs.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: If you ask a UFC fighter's fiancee if she's happy to see you or has Tic Tacs under her blouse, you better be ready to eat a punch or two.

Regan Molatore, Chael Sonnen, Brittany Smith

The world of LeBron James just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Apparently, winning his second NBA title and Final's MVP wasn't enough to satisfy the King. LeBron needed to go make an off-handed sexual comment to UFC fighter Chael Sonnen's fiancee about her nipples looking like Tic Tacs under her blouse. Oops! 

I don't care if you're the actual King (Elvis) and the King of England combined, hitting on a UFC fighter's girl is a mistake in anyone's book. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the most brutal sports the world has ever seen and the UFC is the apex of that sport. Chael Sonnen is a beast in the octagon. This is not a guy LeBron wants to fight.

I don't care if LeBron is biggers, stronger, and has cute pictures of himself boxing, Chael Sonnen would beat the living daylights out of LeBron. Don't get that confused in your head for even one second. One is a athlete trained to shoot 17-foot jump shots and quick cross-over dribbles. The other is trained in how to put his fist through you face, shatter your elbow into pieces with an armbar, and choke you unconscious with a rear naked choke. 

The whole thing went down when Sonnen claims LeBron made a comment to his fiancee, Brittany Smith, asking her if she was happy to see him (LeBron) or had Tic Tacs under her blouse. Clearly, it must have been a chilly room or Sonnen's fiancee is especially perky in the nipple department. Either way, Sonnen didn't find LeBron's comments amusing. Now LeBron might have to serve up a helping of humble pie with an apology or look over his shoulder for Sonnen's fist all summer.

Here is the incident in Sonnen's own words. “Let me tell you a story about LeBron. He asked the UFC for tickets for my fight against Anderson Silva. We sit the guy front row, and all through the night he snubs our fans. He’s a guest in our house and he refuses to sign any autographs or take any pictures unless your cup size was later in the alphabet than he was able to learn. And from what I understand, he thinks the letter purple comes after “C.” This guy walked up to my fiancee backstage and asks her if there’s a Tic Tac in her blouse or if she was just happy to see him. … I’d like to slap the divots right off his face.”

This whole incident does raise some serious questions. Does Chael Sonnen's fiancee's nipples truly look like Tic Tacs? If they do look like Tic Tacs, are they minty flavored? Are they only one calorie? These are questions the NBA and UFC can surely agree we need answers to.

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