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NBA Live 14 Desginer Interviews with HoopsVibe at E3.

NBA Live 14 designer Daryl Holt interviews with HoopsVibe at E3 to discuss how his game beats the pants off of NBA 2K13.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: NBA Live 14's virtual real-time data updates and core gameplay will make NBA 2K13 look over it's shoulder to innovate. 

E3 NBA Live 14

E3 is THE big gaming conference each year where companies roll out there new big thing. This year the EA two story mega-booth was swamped from the opening door on Tuesday, until they kicked every last gamer out the door on Thursday afternoon.  HoopsVibe was lucky enough to sit-down with designer Daryl Holt as we got a sneak peak of the most anticipated basketball video game of the year. Yes, we did get to play it. And yes, you should be jealous. 

One of their most heralded releases this year will be NBA Live 14, which according to Sean O'Brien the executive producer of NBA Live 14, will be the first real competition to the massively popular NBA 2K13 franchise. One important thing to keep in mind with NBA Live 14 is that it will be exclusively for Next Generation Consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (no Xbox 360 or PS3), so if you weren't planning on upgrading your console think again.

According to O'Brien, NBA Live 14's focus is on core gameplay. This means "capturing the essence of half-court basketball, providing 1-on-1 isolation both in the perimeter and the post, the 2-on-2 chess match that is the pick and roll, while still offering the gamer the opportunity to push the basketball in transition and have the control required to get the ball into the lane to either take the ball to the rim or find an open teammate if the defense collapses."

The other essential aspect to NBA Live 14 that is a step-up from NBA 2K13 is that EA Sports teamed with Synergy Sports Technologies that provides EA Sports with real data the NBA uses for scouting teams and players. NBA Live 14 updates with virtual real-time data from the NBA to reflect what players and teams are hot. If a player goes on a tear shooting 3-pointers from the corner. It will be reflected in the game almost immediately. 

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Photo Credit: EA Sports & Michael Brouillet


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