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Duncan’s Wife Claims He’s Bisexual.

Tim Duncan's soon to be ex-wife claims he's bisexual.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Wow, didn't see this one coming. Amy Duncan claims Tim's been having a long term sexual relationship with a male friend.

2013 NBA Finals - Game Seven

Tim Duncan's divorce just keeps getting worse and worse. First, was the revelation that Tim and his soon to be ex-wife Amy were trying to get divorced on the down low. Then came the juicy fact that Amy had been cheating on Tim for a number of years and that Tim had her followed by a private investigator to verify the affair. Oh, it gets better. Next was the revelation that Amy had actually hired the man she was cheating on Tim with to run a gym for her and Tim.

Now, Amy is claiming she couldn't wait to get divorced from Tim Duncan because he had been having a homosexual relationship with his best friend for a number of years. Apparently, Duncan had developed a bromance with a man (name still unknown) who lived with him during his time at Wake Forest. Four years after college this man was still living with Tim. This man even lived with Tim and Amy the first 2-years of their marriage. The only reason he ever moved out according to Amy was Tim purchased a condo for him to live in nearby. 

Could this be why even after Amy cheated on Tim for years that he is willing to give her anything she wants in the divorce? Is this why Tim had a gag order placed on her during the divorce proceedings? Is Tim Duncan gay or bisexual? Should it even matter? 

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