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LeBron Outed by @MrsLondonRoe for Allegedly Creeping with Groupie.

Mrs London Roe tried her best to bust LeBron for allegedly creeping out on Savannah in Toronto.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: If you're super famous and creeping at a party you will get busted. Even if you make everyone give you their phones.

LeBron and Savannah

As most of the world knows, LeBron and Savannah are getting married down in San Diego on September 14th. Yet, it looks like some women out there don't want the wedding to go down. A @MrsLondRoe is claiming she saw LeBron misbehaving in Toronto and felt it her civic duty to inform Savannah on her Instagram account. She even gives Savannah some advice on self-respect. Her initial Instagram post to Savannah is below from Bossip.


The woman Lebron was allegedly playing around with goes by 1applej on twitter (Her account was recently taken down). Apparently 1applej doesn't want the spotlight as much as @MrsLondonRoe who clearly loves it.


Although it never looks good when allegations come out, this must also be the weakest accusation ever. To clarify, this woman doesn't have a photo of the incident. She wasn't even especially close to anything going down. She didn't even see LeBron do anything especially wrong. All she basically says is LeBron was too friendly with this girl and the left together. This is a lot of B.S. if you ask me. Looks more like a case of @MrsLondonRoe trying to get a little shine by talking gossip about others, instead of building something in her own life.

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Photo Credit: WENN, Bossip.

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