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Carmen Ortega Claims she was LeBron’s Mistress has Proof.

More money more problems for the King of basketball.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: Ortega says Savannah knows of LeBron's groupies and has accepted it as part of the game.


Some consider a girl on the side as simply part of the equation these days. If you are a major celebrity or athlete the chances of you having some groupie love outside of wedlock is pretty good. Even the most respected celebrities slip at some point. Carmen Ortega claims she was that girl on the side for LeBron James. She also provides a little proof to the fact.

Ortega revealed her dirt on LeBron in an exclusive interview with Bossip this week that definitely caught the eye of both LeBron and his fiancee Savannah. The whole thing reportedly got started when Ortega's phone was stolen from her in Ibiza and some text messages reportedly from LeBron hit the internet.

The two reportedly met at a club in Miami where LeBron spotted Ortega and invited her to come join him at his table. She declined, but her friend game him her phone number without her knowledge. This apparently lead to an ongoing text message relationship. She claims she made it clear to LeBron that she had a boyfriend and it wasn't appropriate, but the two continued.

Not for nothing, but Ortega's account of their courtship makes her look completely innocent and LeBron look like a dog. Big shock. I'm sure LeBron's version of events would be completely different. It would probably involve her throwing himself at him or his not even knowing who she is and her fabricating the entire story. Ortega does produce some evidence to the tune of text messages allegedly between her and LeBron. Check them out on Bossip here.

Whatever the truth is, Savannah can't be happy about groupies crawling out of the woodworks this close to her wedding day. Remember, @MrsLondonRoe just came out with allegatiosn about LeBron creeping girls in Toronto the other week. If the two do manage to tie the knot, it will be a miracle if a marriage of a basketball player this high profile lasts the test of time. Just ask Michael Jordan about nasty divorces. 

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