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Improve your Jumpshot with EVO ONE

Technology collides with basketball.

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call: The EVO ONE is here to make sure this generation of basketball players have sweet jumpers and smooth rotation.


I took the EVO ONE out onto the court a little dubious. I had read all the literature on how it was going to improve my jump shot, but still wasn't exactly sure how it worked. After shooting around for a little bit I saw exactly what the benefit of it was to the shooter. Essentially, the EVO ONE monitors the rotation you put on every shot. When my shot had good rotation it let me know with a double beeping sound while the ball was in the air. If my shot didn't have good rotation I was met with silence. I'll admit it was pretty quite at first.

Although this is clearly not a panacea to give every kid in America a sweet 18-foot jump shot, it is a constant reminder on every shot whether you followed through correctly creating rotation. I quickly realized a lot of my shorter jumpers didn't have the same type of rotation as my mid-ranger jumpers. After I started fixating on it, I was able to correct it and create a softer jump shot.

Anyone that knows anything about shooting a basketball will tell you rotation is critical to a good shot. This ball has a microchip inside it that monitors the exact rotation of each shot. This is a great tool for anyone serious about working on improving their shot. I would think it's especially useful for younger shooters that are just starting to form the foundation of their shot.

The most important part of this review is that the EVO ONE needs your help to reach production. This product is not yet available. If you think this might be a product you'd love to use (and it is pretty cool), you need to take action for it to reach mass production. The EVO ONE I shot around with yesterday was a special edition sent out to me, but these have still not been produced in large numbers. The production team has launched a KickStarter page to put together the finances to go into mass production. You can help out here.

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Photo Credit: WENN, Michael Brouillet