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5 Most Overpaid NBA Players For 2013-2014

Of the four major American sports, the NBA has historically been the worst offender of overpaying terrible players.

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A quick glance at the 30 highest paid players and their contracts for the upcoming NBA season shows that most players are paid appropriately based on their skills and value to their respective franchise.

Two collective bargaining agreements ago, the NBA took steps to eliminate marginal players receiving ridiculous contracts.

Jon Koncak was a marginal player whose greatest impact was most certainly felt off the court. His six-year, 13.1 million dollar deal in 1989 paid him more than his teammate Dominique Wilkins, not to mention both Larry Bird and Michael Jordan, while it also damaged the league's free agent payment structure.

So while there are almost no "Jon Koncak's" out there anymore, there are still five that are so obviously overpaid, it will make you upset about your life.

Danny Granger – $14,021,788

Once upon a time, Danny Granger's future was bright. Then his knee got hurt. The end. Since his insane '08 season, Granger's numbers have declined every year, hitting rock bottom last season when he was healthy enough to play in only five games. That's almost $3 mil a game, friends.

Emeka Okafor – $14,487,500

Can we somehow blame Michael Jordan, the GM version, for this? Yes, we can. Prior to the '08-'09 season, Okafor was re-signed by Jordan and the Bobcats to a six-year, $72 million dollar deal. His career went right into the toilet after the ink of his signature dried, and he hasn't avweraged double digit points or rebounds since

Carlos Boozer – $15,300,000

Boozer is one of those guys who somehow ends up with semi-solid stat lines when you look over his numbers the next day. You watched the game, and it didn't feel like he did anything. Then you see he somehow put up 15 and 8. For $15 mil, I want an impact player.

Joe Johnson – $21,466,718

It's not Joe Johnson's fault he got paid like this, but Nets fans treat him like it is. In the first year of his mega deal, Johnson put up the lowest ppg of his career last season. He will be 32 when the season starts. And he is absolutely RICH. Thanks Jay-Z!

Amar'e Stoudamire – $21,679,893

Career. Over. The fourth highest paid player in the league averaged 14.2 ppg last season, coming off the bench. Easily the most overpaid player in the NBA.

Unless Eddy Curry gets signed to a roster.

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