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New Book Features Childhood Hoops Of LeBron James, Shaq And The White House

Ever wanted to see the basketball hoops that NBA stars like Shaquille O'Neal and Larry Bird played on when they were growing up?

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: The new book hoop: the american dream documents basketball at its most elemental level via blistering photography.


Photographer Robin Layton traveled the country creating a homage to the humble basketball hoop. In hoop: the american dream, Layton spotlights hoops in their varied homes and conditions – from barn doors to underpasses, from telephone polls to famous park courts, from full-glass backboards to bare metal rings. Layton's vivid color and stark black and white photos make clear the message that the hoop allows basketball to thrive almost anywhere and often with a surprisingly beautiful aesthetic.

Layton documents unknown hoops alongside the childhood hoops of basketball's greatest talents, and was even granted exclusive access to the White House court. She combines photos with quotes from players and coaches like Shaquille O'Neal, Larry Bird, LeBron James, Mike Krzyzewski, and Rebecca Lobo among others.

These stars reveal special sentiment and nostalgia for their first hoops and the promise they held. The striking photos in hoop: the american dream celebrate the beauty and potential of the circular, metal form central to one of the world's greatest sports.

From urban playgrounds to small-town alleyways and windswept barnyards, basketball has become a universal American experience and a worldwide cultural touchstone. Robin’s photographs capture that shared community, as well as the diversity and astonishing beauty surrounding this simple iron ring. Through images of hoops — some mundane and abandoned, others celebrated — she reveals their mesmerizing artistry.

For anybody who ever saw a basketball hoop on the side of the road and felt the immediate urge to play on it, this book details that feeling in a tangible way via awesome imagery. And, it's just cool to see hoops that some of the biggest players in the NBA started on. Check out the gallery below for a quick taste.

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