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Top 10 NBA Groupies (2013 edition).

We identify the groupie, the NBA players they've pulled, and a difficulty rating for good measure. 

HoopsVibe's Very Quick Call:This is the dirty dirty of what goes on when the basketball game's over and a whole other game begins.


#10. Jenna Shea: (James Harden / Peyton Siva)

Jenna Shea is that all too common combination of stripper and groupie. Like Robin Thicke croons, it's all about those "blurred lines." One thing that is for certain, Shea is all about her money. She reportedly got James Harden to drop 20k on her stripper ways in one night and was reportedly seeing him for a hot minute. Harden's known to have a serious booty and stripper addiction. Jenna also put Peyton Siva on twitter blast for reportedly not paying up properly. We'll include her in the Top 10 NBA Groupie list, but she feels a little more like a working girl to us. (Degree of Difficulty 4.5 of 10)

NCAA Women's Basketball - Arizona vs USC - February 17, 2007

#9 Brynn Cameron : (Blake Griffin / Matt Leinart NFL) 

Former USC point guard and all around cutie pie All-American California girl (blonde hair and everything) has babies by both Blake Griffin and Matt Leinart. This is serious groupie points. She not only bagged them, she locked them down for some long-term cash. Cha-ching. Cameron is not the type of groupie that waits for players after the game (we'll get to them later in this list). She's also not a stripper groupie like Jenna Shea. Brynn Cameron is the rare high class groupie that hops from baby daddy to baby dad. Just for the record she had a kid just this last summer by Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers. No, they're no longer together. Shock! (Degree of difficulty = 8.5 of 10).


K Michelle 5

#8 Michelle K : (J.R. Smith & Lance Stephenson)

It's odd to find someone with their own career on this list, but Michelle K certainly qualifies as a NBA groupie with some quality ballers on her resume. First, she was J.R. Smith's bootycall and then she became Stephenson's side piece. She has a phenomenal body and has some name recognition through her appearances on "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" as well as a R&B singing career. The good news is if the singing doesn't work out I'm sure someone's got a spot for her at All-Star weekend in their hotel room. (Degree of Difficulty = 5 of 10)

Kat Stacks 2

#7 Kat Stacks : Carmelo Anthony & Brandon Jennings.

Kat Stacks is the potent combination of groupie love and groupie drama. She got into a twitter war with both Lala Vasquez and Carmelo Anthony after she put Melo on blast for hooking up with her. It  resulted in Melo offering up 5k reward to anyone that slapped Kat Stacks in the face and videod it. Yes, he later denied the 5k offer saying his twitter accoutn was hacked. Yeah, right. Kat Stacks then got into another twitter war with Brandon Jennings who she reportedly also hooked up with. This is one groupie I have a hard time wrapping my mind around because her skank level is through the roof. Come on guys. You can do better. (Degree of Difficulty = 1 of 10)



#6 Brittany Dailey : James Harden & Jermaine O'Neal.

Brittany is a video vixen turned NBA groupie when she realized there was a lot more money in smashing with the players than getting played on set. It's easy to see what some of the NBA best talent see in Brittany. She's got a couple of solid names on her groupie resume, but lacks the enthusiasm for the game that exists in our top 5 to come.

(Degree of Difficulty = 5.5 of 10)


Carmen 3

#5 Carmen Ortega : LeBron James

Miss Ortega hit solid groupie status front and center when it was revealed she was reportedly LeBron James' personal groupie side piece only months before his marriage to Savannah Brinson. Ortega has been rumored to be an NBA groupie to a number of NBA players by a number of sources and has more names to her list than just LeBron, but really when you have the king who else do you need on your resume?

(Degree of difficulty = 8.5 of 10)



#4 Draya Michele : DeShawn Stevenson, Kenyon Martin, Kevin Durant

Draya is a mix of groupie and aspiring reality star. She's made quite a name for herself on VH1's "Basketball Wives" by being one of the hottest girls on the show. She's also kept her name in the press by continually posting extremely sexy pics of herself on her twitter and Instagram accounts. This of course keeps her popular with the players too. She's what we'd call a middle to upper level groupie.

(Degree of Difficulty = 7 of 10)



#3 Natalie Nunn : Ty Lawson / Shaquille O'Neal

Nunn's got twit pics of her and Ty Lawson getting hot and heavy (above) and has been a rumored groupie to a who's who of the entertainment and athletic worlds. She's reportedly been with Ty Lawson (twitpic in gallery below to prove it), Shaq, Vernon Davis (NFL), Wiz Khalifa, and Chris Brown. She was on VH1's "Bad Girl's Club" and appears to be very proud of the fact that she sleeps around with celebrities. This is a groupies groupie. 

Degree of difficulty = (6 of 10).


Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 4.09.50 PM

#2 Jessica Gaynell Jackson a.k.a Miss Hawaii : Devin Ebanks, Kyrie Irving, & claims over 50 others*****.

Miss Hawaii is that fine line between groupie, straight up stalker, and prostitute. She's kind of busted looking and reportedly gets her NBA players by tricking them as explained by BSO (naked pics here if you're interested) and it has been verified by a number of BSO sources been paid money for sex too. Yeah, we call that prostitution in America. She's really not very cute and tries to hunt down NBA players online where she can doctor her photos. She did snag a photo of her sleeping with Devin Ebanks. Sources close the Ebanks claim he thought was was pretty busted looking, but by the time he actually saw her in person at his hotel room he just wanted to smash anyway. With Miss Hawaii we're leaning heavy toward her being less of a groupie and more of a stalker.

(Degree of Difficulty = less than 0 out of 10)


Andrea Candy 6

#1 Andrea A.K.A Candy : Matt Barnes, Ronny Turiaf, & Lance Stephenson

What this groupie lacks in high profile names on her resume she more than makes up for in numbers and enthusiasm. She boasts "Best deepthroat in all the land" on her twitter. Yes, that would definitely help qualify you for our list in case you were wondering. We just hope she sets the bar a little higher in 2014. 

Degree of difficulty = (1 of 10)

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