Monday , Feb , 10 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Adidas T- Mac 2

Well, I was in the market for some new shoes. As Nike has never worked for me, too narrow, I decided to go once again with Adidas, where I had found solace in their wide footed design of the T-Mac’s. Being a big fan of the T-Mac 1’s, I decided to give the T-Mac 2’s for a spin when I found some nice colors (black-blue).

Adidas T- Mac 2

The one thing I noticed right away about the original T-Mac’s was that the shoe is extra wide, which was great for me, because I have wide feet. The second edition hasn’t changed that, but they did add an inner sock, for added comfort. The shoes fit snugly, but comfortably- the perfect combination. I noticed that they molded so well to my foot that I could play ball without tying my shoes. After a while, you might think that the snug factor of these shoes would begin to cut off circulation, or become constricting to your foot, but the inner sock works perfectly, and keeps my foot breathing and comfortable over long workouts.

The support is excellent, inclines on either side of the foot keep your ankle from rolling, and the upgraded non-wear traction from the original shoes give you the means to make fast cuts without pain or slip.

I personally keep my basketball shoes pristine, and therefore keep these shoes indoor when I wear them. However, after strenuous workouts indoors, of much cutting and foot sliding (I tend to drag my foot when I cross over), the shoes are in perfect condition, despite a couple scuffs.

You didn’t think I’d leave the most important topic uncovered did you? LOOKS. The shoes look incredible, you can wear them tied, untied, doesn’t matter. I still get people coming up to me and telling me how good I look, but they could just be talking about my skills.

Overall, I highly recommend these shoes, especially to people with wide feet, and I have a feeling that because of the snugness of the inner sock, people with narrow feet won’t be disappointed either. I bought these shoes for 80 dollars, and that is a great deal, so if you need some new shoes, consider these at least.